The essentials

EZ Tour Management

The simplest way to manage your day

View your bookings

View bookings from all of your OTAs in one place.

Choose the right staff for the job

You know your guides, and your drivers. Choose the right people to perform the right jobs.

Share with your team

Let all of your employees know their assignments for the day.

Stress less


Keeping track of bookings, guest drivers and guides, and matching these groups together , can be most overwhelming.

We make it ez so that you are free to do other things.

Employees know who they are serving and when.

Improve Communication & Reduce anxiety and mistakes.

Easily keep track of guest bookings across multiple OTAs (Online Travel Agents eg. viator)

Quickly plan which guides/drivers will serve which guests

Team management made EASY.

Plan whos working, what guest they are serving and communicate that information quickly and easily.

Support 24/7

24 hour email support. Expect a response within 30 minutes or less. During peak hours, and 60 minutes or less during night hours.

Targeted OTA integration

Let us know your OTAs API ( or let us know if you don't know what that means.) And we will build an integration to extract data from them and load them into your dashboard.

Hands On Onboarding Process

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Understand your day

Daily Data

We give you ways to visualize your day quickly and easily so that you can make decisions on how to plan your day.

The smart way to manage your day.

Tour Ninja

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